COLUMBUS (WCMH) — After their engagement in 2016, Jayson and Kelly Fiorille hired a Columbus photographer to take photos of their big day.

“I’ve seen him on multiple occasions at different weddings, and his work seemed very professional, he seemed very professional. His photographs were beautiful,” said Kelly.

The couple met with him, and said they agreed on a photo package, signed a contract, and paid in full.

“It was just under $3,000,” said Jayson. “And that was our 50% off family discount, friends and family discount that we got, but I guess part of that was not getting the photos, as well,” said Jayson.

Because it had been a couple months since the Fiorilles heard from the photographer. So, they reached out to him that September.

“He said he would mail them, and nothing ever happened,” said Kelly.

And she said she reached out many times after.

“I keep taking him for his word, too, that he’s going to send them,” said Kelly. “You know, you send an email every six months, you think something’s going to happen and you hold out hope, and you’re optimistic, and then it doesn’t.”

“We have one photo that a family member took of Kelly walking down the aisle with her mom, that’s from a cell phone blown up,” said Jayson. “We don’t have anything we can put on our walls, really.”

Over the last five years, the couple said they have called, sent emails, and even attempted to take him to small claims court, but he didn’t show. They said authorities couldn’t track him down to serve papers.

So, I tried to track him down. But there was no answer at the addresses listed for his business. I called, but the phone numbers are disconnected,and his website is down.

But the Fiorilles said they hope this message finds him somehow.

“I’m not trying to get any compensation back or anything like that,” said Jayson. “What’s done is done. Just give us our pictures.”

The reason Better Call 4 did not name the photographer is because we want to hear his side of the story. But, just like authorities, could not find or get ahold of him.

For the Fiorilles, I reached out to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, to see if they have any other options.

Other than hiring a private investigator to find the photographer, a representative said the couple should file a complaint with Consumer Protection and Constituent Services at 800-282-0515.