COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Willis Harris has lived in Columbus for more than 60 years, spending most of that time east of Downtown.

“It’s kind of like my community, because my parents lived over in Berwick for 45 years,” said Harris.
But for the last two years, Harris said the condition of Livingston Avenue, and the ramps to and from I-70, has deteriorated.

“It’s never been like this. You’ve got garbage all along the street, and the grass is this high. People can’t even walk up and down the sidewalk because of the weeds, and this fence over here… this has been down for over a year,” said Harris. “It’s just not right. It’s not right for the community. And it just feels like we’re being overlooked.”

After Harris called Better Call 4, I called both the City of Columbus, and the Ohio Department of Transportation.

Regarding Livingston Avenue, the City of Columbus said, “For efficiency, the division’s crews begin in one area of the city and systematically progress to the next until all routes citywide that we are responsible for are completed.”

Then, the process repeats.

Right now, the city says crews are about “80 percent through the first round of mowing.” The second round should begin in a couple weeks, as long as the weather cooperates.

As for the ramps to and from I-70 in that area, ODOT said its best estimate currently is that “the area will be mowed next around July 4.”

Again, though, the department says weather could delay that.

ODOT adds that “litter is also a persistent (but preventable) problem that is not unique to this area,” and crews address it as time allows.

ODOT went on to say that its crews respond to any immediate sight-distance or safety-related issues. The City of Columbus says it does the same, if an area is determined to be a traffic hazard, and for immediate concerns, residents should contact 311.