COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — A concerned Columbus woman called Better Call 4, wanting us to warn you about Rushmore Energy.

She said a representative from the Texas-based utility company called her, offering a discount on her electricity bill, if she could provide her social security number. Better Call 4 reached out to Rushmore Energy about those claims. The company responded:

We can confirm that, in the many years of having served customers in Ohio, Rushmore has never authorized anyone to collect customer social security numbers for provision of service. Needless to say, we have made a long-term commitment to serving our customers in Ohio and take these matters very seriously. As such, if you can share additional details, we would welcome the opportunity to weed out any unauthorized activity that may be committed in our name.


Rushmore Energy

“Well, Rushmore Energy, we are seeing many complaints and customer reviews on this particular company,” said Leah Napoliello, Vice President of Investigations and Public Affairs for the Better Business Bureau of Houston. Napoliello said the BBB has received complaints about Rushmore Energy since 2019.

“Often times, we see people saying that the company has approached them at their door and misrepresented themselves as being with their own electricity provider, and then, gotten them to switch over to Rushmore Energy without their full knowledge and understanding of that,” said Napoliello. “You do need to be aware that this is occurring. Any company can approach you and say that they can offer you a reduction in the rates, but you want to be careful.”

Napoliello said that proposed rate reduction could come at a cost somewhere down the line. “So, it’s a good idea if someone approaches you that way, whether at your door or over the phone, you can take down their information and write it down, and review it at a later time,” Napoliello said.

Don’t give in to high-pressure sales tactics, that force you to act quickly. Instead, use that time to look up the company and any reviews. And never give out your personal information to an unknown company. “A real, legitimate company will give you time to review that information and make the decision on your own.”

Napoliello said Rushmore Energy has responded to all customer complaints filed with the BBB, but said being able to see the complaints and responses for yourself can be a helpful guide as you decide whether to do business with a company.