COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Most people have no idea what an auto safety scan is and why it’s required.

Nearly every automobile manufacturer requires a safety scan after an accident, regardless of how minor it might be.  Mike Troxel from Rife’s Autobody says it’s important to the overall safety performance of a car.

“Anything can cause something to not work anymore. As simple as fixing a small scratch on your rear bumper can cause your blind spot monitoring system to not work anymore,” says Troxel.

Technology provides more features in today’s vehicles, meaning more computers are talking to each other. Here’s what most people are not aware of either, some insurance companies refuse to cover the $220 cost of the auto safety scan.

As the operator of the car, you can refuse the safety scan. But could doing so violate your car warranty?

‘Some insurance companies say, ‘Hey if the manufacturer says it has to be done, we’re paying for it.’ Other insurance companies say, ‘Well, I know the manufacturer says it has to be done but we don’t feel it really does, because there’s not lights over the dash. So I don’t think we need to pay for that,'” says Troxel.

Chances are, your warranty will not be violated. However, if you make a claim on a problem down the road, and the manufacturer is able to run a test and determine the time and date of the accident and determine it’s connected to your claim, there’s a good chance it could be denied.