HEATH, Ohio (WCMH) — In March of 2021, Charles Lupton, Jr. purchased a home warranty.

“We thought, ‘Well, we’ll take a chance,’ and I reviewed some different places, and Select Home Warranty was one of the top 10,” Lupton said.

Lupton made the call and signed up for a one-year contract with Select Home Warranty to cover the appliances in his home in Heath. That peace of mind cost Lupton $400 that he paid over four months.

“Their strict policy is you don’t ever have to call a repairman,” he said. “We do it all for you.”

Little did Lupton know that he’d need to tap into that warranty so soon. His refrigerator stopped working, so he contacted the company at the end of May 2021.

“I sent them an email, and they sent me, ‘Someone will get back with you in 24 hours,'” Lupton said. “Well, nobody got back to me for two to three months.”

Lupton said he kept calling, though, and finally got through to a representative.

“Then they didn’t proceed to do anything,” he said. “They didn’t say they had a repairman coming, they didn’t say when a repairman would be here, they didn’t have a project, they had nobody on the job, nobody called me.”

Then, Lupton said he took a closer look at his policy and found that the company didn’t even have repair or replace contacts in his area.

“They didn’t tell me that,” he said.

Lupton requested to cancel his policy and asked for his money back but said the company stopped responding.

Now, it’s been more than a year. First, Lupton turned to the Better Business Bureau for help. Then, he called Better Call 4.

“I didn’t know who else to call because we couldn’t afford attorney,” Lupton said.

Over the last three months, an NBC4 reporter called and emailed Select Home Warranty. Each time, the reporter was put on hold or sent a message just like Lupton did.

Lupton said he couldn’t keep waiting for the company to respond, so he went ahead and purchased a new fridge. But he said he thinks the company should be held accountable.

“Nobody called me, nobody set up an appointment, nobody made any effort, nobody came out here to look at the refrigerator … nothing. And you still refuse to give me my money back,” he said.

Better Call 4 is still waiting to hear back from Select Home Warranty. NBC4 also reached out to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office to inquire about Lupton’s options.

“The consumer can file a complaint with our office and we can attempt to contact the business on his behalf to attempt to obtain a resolution,” the attorney general’s office said.

Better Call 4 is helping Lupton to file that paperwork and continues to reach out to Select Home Warranty.