DUBLIN, Ohio (WCMH)– A Dublin man said he and his wife were out more than $1,000 after the concert tickets they purchased, turned out to be unusable. Wanting that money back, they called Better Call 4, and we delivered.

More than a year into the pandemic, Patrick Byrne and his wife were ready to get back to “normal.”

“We hadn’t been out because of the pandemic,” said Byrne. “So, we decided that we were going to venture out, and she wanted to see a concert.”

The two purchased tickets in April 2021 through Ticketmaster for a show in September. Front row seats, more than $900.

“When we got to the concert, we got there about 45 minutes early, and we had to use electronic tickets because of Covid,” said Byrne. “When they went to scan our phones, they tried it two or three times, and told us that they had already been used 45 minutes earlier.”

Confused, the couple went to customer service.

“The gentleman at the customer service booth at the venue said to us, ‘It looks like these were sold, resold,'” said Byrne.

Byrne and his wife bought two more tickets to get into the concert. But the next day, attempted to get through to Ticketmaster, to try to get back the money they paid for the tickets that didn’t work.

“I would call at 10 o’clock in the morning, their time, customer service time, and they would say, ‘You’ve called after hours. Please call back. Please send us an email.'”

That’s when Byrne turned to Better Call 4.

“I had never contacted a news channel before in my life, but $921 — I think I’ll give you guys a shout.”

Better Call 4 reached out to Ticketmaster, and so did Byrne — letting the company know that he called us.

“Out of the blue, about five weeks later, it was probably about two weeks after you folks contacted Ticketmaster, they sent me an email, saying ‘We’ve refunded your whole $921,'” said Byrne.

And they did.

Better Call 4 asked Byrne if he’s happy with the results. He said “absolutely.”

“We learned two things through this whole thing,” said Bryne. “If you have an issue, contact channel 4 in Columbus. And number two, my wife is no longer allowed to buy any concert tickets moving forward.” 

Byrne also filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, which was ultimately resolved. Better Call 4 also reached out to Ticketmaster for a statement about Byrne’s issue, and what may have happened, but the company declined to comment.