(WCMH) — A Better Call 4 Alert for social media users.

The Better Business Bureau is warning of a new scam using Instagram to get your password, email login and other account information.

In a release, the BBB said some users have reported an “official-looking” email, claiming to be from Instagram, which says that the user has violated copyright laws, and their account will be deleted within 24 hours.

The message then prompts the user to “verify” their account, by redirecting them to a secondary website, where they need to put in their credentials.

Most login scams end there, but not this one. The BBB said a pop-up message then appears, requesting the user to also verify their email.

The user will be asked to choose from a list of email providers and put in their address and password. Once that’s done, the scam site will then redirect the user again to the real Instagram site — a trick that the BBB said lends additional credibility to the scam.

Here’s what you should look for instead:

  • Double-check the “from” email address and link destinations — suspicious links are one of the main giveaways.
  • Understand how businesses handle communications — will they email you, call, or send a text message?
  • Look into the claims before you act — what was done to violate copyright laws?
  • Don’t panic or feel intimidated — stay calm and think things through.

For additional information on this scam and ways to spot email and social media scams, check out the BBB’s website.