COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–A man from Columbus said several agencies, including the IRS, believe he’s dead. Now, he’s losing money that belongs to him.

Things didn’t add up for George Sadler when he attempted to withdraw some money from his bank account in December of last year and the transaction wouldn’t go through.

He called the bank to find out why and was shocked by the representative’s response.

“We don’t want to tell you this, but you’re dead,” said Sadler.

Not too long after, Sadler received a letter from his insurance company:

“To the estate of George Sadler. We’re sorry to hear about the recent loss of George Sadler.”

He assured both agencies that he was, and is, very much alive. Each suggested he call the Social Security Administration to revive him in their system.

Sadler did call and believed the issue was resolved, until March of this year.

“My wife got a stimulus check for $600 and I didn’t get one,” he said. “So, I, called around and found out that I’m still dead, as far as the IRS is concerned.”

For seven months, Sadler told Better Call 4 that he’s called numerous times to try and talk with someone at the IRS to find out how this could happen.

“They assured me that one of the systems says I’m alive and well and one of their systems says I’m dead,” he said. “It may have been just a computer error, or it could have been someone typing in a Social Security number and got the wrong one, or, any number of things.”

Sadler has missed out on a tax refund and stimulus payment because of being “deceased.”

“They owe me 2,068 dollars. The last time I talked to a person, they said it would be 30 days and it’s been over that. I’ve done everything I can to get it straightened out, and it wasn’t my fault, to begin with,” he said.

Better Call 4 called contacted the IRS and provided a representative with Sadler’s name and contact information. Sadler said a representative from the IRS called him and said he should have an answer or know the status of getting his money by November 15th.