DELAWARE COUNTY, Ohio (WCMH) — Stephanie Butcher called us in June, years after she and her husband began experiencing random and unexpected power outages in their Delaware County home.

The couple built and moved into the house near State Route 315, nearly 16 years ago. But shortly after move-in day, noticed a big problem.

“We started having some issues with the electricity flashing on and off,” said Butcher.

And Butcher said it’s been happening randomly ever since.

“I mean, you could be in the middle of making a roast and the electricity goes out.”

Some of their neighbors report similar issues, but Butcher said the outages in her home came with a cost.

“It causes electric surges, which has affected all of our appliances in our house,” said Butcher. “We’ve had to throw out radios, we’ve had to replace motherboards in ovens, we’ve had to replace motherboards in washer/dryers multiple times.”

Butcher said she’s never been able to get an answer from AEP, but Better Call 4 did.

When I called, the company told me in a statement:

“We know all of our customers expect reliable electric service. Some customers in the Delaware/Lewis Center area have reported ongoing issues with their service and we’re working to address those concerns. To date, we installed a device to monitor power quality, performed a full circuit inspection and completed an infrared scan of our equipment. Based on results, crews replaced equipment and trimmed any trees that could potentially cause a power outage. Due to continued interruptions, the investigation is ongoing and will include another full circuit inspection with infrared equipment…”

That full circuit inspection happened on August 8.

And on August 18, AEP told me:

“We’re continuing to address ongoing issues affecting the electric service of some of our customers in the Delaware/Lewis Center area. The full circuit inspection with infrared equipment was completed August 8. As a result of the inspection’s findings, we’re currently scheduling a number of equipment upgrades in the area to be completed by this fall.”

And there’s more. Because of Butcher’s persistence, and since Better Call 4 got involved, AEP said starting in 2022, sensors will be installed along the power lines and equipment that feed power to the area, to help identify equipment issues before an outage occurs or help crews pinpoint causes after a power outage takes place and can assist in speeding up restoration efforts.