COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — There is plenty to see, do and eat at the Ohio State Fair every year. And among all the entertainment, rides and food, is the potential to pocket some missing money.

“This is definitely our biggest event, in-person event for the year, every year,” said Susie Wagner, Outreach Administrator for the State of Ohio’s Division of Unclaimed Funds.

Wagner said the division will once again have a presence at the fair.

“We are part of the Department of Commerce, and the commerce has a booth, booth #21 in the Bricker Building,” said Wagner. “We will help you search your name, we encourage you to search your family members and any friends. I guarantee you, that you will have, you or someone you know, will have a claim.”

A claim to unclaimed funds.

“All that money can be coming from checking accounts, savings accounts, uncashed cashier’s checks,” Wagner said.

That money is turned over from businesses and banks, and the division safeguards it indefinitely.

“We keep the money, forever, until the rightful owner claims it,” said Wagner. “And right now, we have $3.9 billion. That has went up since last year.”

You can search for and initiate a missing money claim at any time, but Wagner said the fair is an opportunity to reach more people. During last year’s event, about 2,000 people stopped by their booth, and 800 claims were initiated, totaling just under $400,000.

“We had a gentleman last year that found $72,000 he did not know about,” said Wagner. “And he still has not claimed his money, because he has not provided the documentation.”

Which includes your driver’s license, a copy of your social security number, and proof of the address reported to the division. The documentation, Wagner said, is a key part of the three-step process

“The first step is searching your name, to see if you have a claim,” said Wagner. “You generate a claim form. Step two is to review that documentation, provide the supporting documentation we need. And step three is just to send it to us.”

To do that, Wagner said claimants can now use the upload portal on the division’s website.

Wagner said the division’s booth will be open during fair hours. Feel free to stop by and see if you have money to claim. And if you have found money, let us know on social media. We’d love to hear from you.