COLUMBUS (WMCH) — With 22 days to go until Election Day, many voters across Franklin County are mailing in and casting their votes early. But a mistake made by the county’s Board of Elections has some wondering if their absentee ballots will make it to the election office at all.


“When we sent out instructions to about 58,000 folks that have requested the absentee ballots, the instructions indicated $.47 was required to send back the ballot to the Franklin County Board of Elections, but in reality it was $.68 that was required as to where anybody that has two sheets of paper in their ballots,” said David Payne, Deputy Director of the Franklin County Board of Elections.


Those instructions were mailed out to voters in Columbus, Gahanna, Upper Arlington, Franklin Township and Clinton Township.


“We immediately got with the U.S. Post Office, the senior officials there. and they indicated to us that all of the ballots will be returned to the Franklin County Board of Elections regardless the amount of postage that was on there,” said Payne.