(InsideEdition.com) — As new generations move into houses, many homeowners have made shocking discoveries, like a safe under the floor or unwelcome guests in the walls.

In 2015, a homeowner in Phoenix lifted a loose floor tile of a home after he moved in and found a hidden safe. Inside was over $50,000 and a bottle of rare bourbon. 

A family in Boca Raton, Fla., was recently fixing a tile in their closet when they too discovered a safe. They hired a licensed locksmith to open it, and found water and a coin. 

The coin was valued at nearly $200. 

Others have made plenty of other intriguing discoveries. 

Homeowners renovating the kitchen of their Minnesota home found a time capsule from the past inside their wall. It was comprised of a handwritten ledger, 22 cents and a framed photo of a woman from the roaring 20s. 

Another couple was remodeling a home in Michigan which exposed antique books, a gemstone, and a puzzling metal artifact.

Contractors demolishing a wall in a Manhattan apartment found a long-forgotten mural by a famed artist Keith Haring which has been valued at more than a million dollars. 

But not all discoveries are forgotten relics from the past. Some are alive.

One couple found kittens which somehow got stuck behind the walls. 

In another house, a homeowner found an infestation of bees. 


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