COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The new Hilton Hotel attached to the Greater Columbus Convention Center offers 1,000 new rooms for guests — and it is ready to host Arnold Sports Festival competitors and enthusiasts.

General manager Christian Coffin said by Thursday night, all of the rooms will be filled, and their current menu offerings have changed to accommodate the needs of Arnold competitors.

The food is laid out in a special menu, called the “competitor menu.”

From lean meats like chicken, salmon and flank steak to sweet potato, broccoli, and egg whites, all of the items are weighed to perfection — with no seasoning added.

Managers said they make sure the chefs are careful. They don’t want to be the reason competitors don’t come out on top.

It’s not about the flavor.

“They are very precise in what they order, so precise in the amounts of proteins and vegetables and carbs,” Coffin said. “They can order by the ounce, so we feature that in our restaurants over here,” Coffin said.

Competitors are eating every three hours, so the cooks have to keep up. Right now, they are going through 300 to 400 pounds of chicken per day.