COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — The family of Casey Goodson Jr. gave support and hugs to Andre’ Hill’s family, and called for violence to stop, after the bond hearing of former Columbus police officer Adam Coy.

As Coy’s bond was set at $3 million, and Coy pleaded not guilty inside the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas, a small group of people stood outside in freezing temperatures. They held up signs that said “Justice for Andre'” and chanted the names of people killed by law enforcement in Columbus.

The two families, and their lawyers, joined the protesters in the cold to speak once the hearing had finished.

This was a tough day for the Hill family, the attorney representing the family of Andre’ Hill, Michael Wright, said. “We are thankful that a high bond was given to officer Coy.” Although, he added, “We were hopeful that there would be no bond.” He speculated that Coy would post bond soon.

Wright called for the killings to “absolutely stop.” He said: “If it takes convicting these officers to prevent the killing of more unarmed young black and brown people, we have to fight. We have to absolutely stand up, support one another, make sure we have laws enacted, make sure that these officers are convicted such that they will think twice before pulling out their gun and applying lethal force on folks that this doesn’t need to happen to.”

Casey Goodson Jr.’s family celebrated what should have been his 24th birthday last weekend. Sean Walton, representing the Goodson family, echoed these feelings. “We’ve been left with no choice but to stand together in moments such as this to speak up and speak out against a system that’s been designed to protect the police more than the people,” he said outside the courtroom.