Due to complications after a mom’s emergency c-section, one superdad took on the caregiver role like never before.

A nurse at the hospital created a way for the dad to “breastfeed” his newborn daughter, and Maxamillian Kendall Neubauer handled it like a champ.

In the now viral Facebook photos, Neubauer wrote, “I was fortunate enough to slap on a suction cup fake nipple. Being the first to breast feed da baby!!!!”

The nurse came up with the solution after mom had a seizure following the C-section. Mom wanted to breastfeed from the moment her daughter was born, and dad wanted to make sure mom’s wishes were carried out.

“I was like, I was shirtless, so I will try everything about once, and everyone got pretty excited and went for it,” Max told WBAY-TV. 

Nurse Cybil Martin-Dennehy came up with the solution, which involves a fake nipple shield, a feeding tube, a syringe and some formula.

“I was just shocked. This is the greatest night of my life. I can’t believe this is happening,” Cybil  said. “I have tried multiple times. Usually I get a look of disbelief. Why would I ask something so crazy? But Max was 100 percent. He is like, heck yes, let’s do this.”

As of Tuesday morning, the heartwarming pictures have been liked 43,000 times and shared nearly 30,000 times. Maxamillian tells WBAY he doesn’t plan on breastfeeding again anytime soon, but he’d do it again if needed.

“If you are in that situation like I was, when April had no ability to do it, if you have the opportunity, go for it. It’s worth it, definitely,” Max said.