COLUMBUS (WCMH) — During Wednesday’s press conference on coronavirus in Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine showed the state’s eight separate regions as defined by the Ohio Department of Health. These regions are known as the “Hospital Preparedness Regions.”

“It really became clear I think to all of us that not only do hospitals have to work outside of their individual systems, they must also work beyond their traditional preparedness regions as well,” Gov. DeWine said.

With that being said, Gov. DeWine announced he has divided the state into three big zones: Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati/Dayton.

“The purpose of this is to get the hospitals ready, get everyone ready for what’s going to happen when this surge hits us,” Gov. DeWine said.

DeWine said the reason they’ve divided the state into three areas is to deal with two variables: capacity and patients’ care. He said if one area is over its capacity, they want to be prepared to move a patient to another location. The other reason is to move a patient who needs more care due to their condition, and they want to have the best possible chance to save someone’s life.

DeWine added normal actions such as going to your primary care physician or local emergency room will not change.

Governor DeWine said this measure is being taken to avoid what’s happening in New York City.

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