COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine announced Sarah Shendy will be the director of the newly created Ohio Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment.

In June, DeWine announced the creation of the Ohio Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment.

“The goal of the Ohio Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment is to support local law enforcement agencies to not only recruit more officers but also to recruit the right officers,” DeWine said.

Shendy was one of Ohio’s law enforcement training officers at the Ohio Police Officers Training Academy, which is when DeWine met her during his time as Ohio’s attorney general.

Shendy is also a 12-year veteran of the Copley Police Department in Copley, Ohio, which is 30 miles south of Cleveland.

“I’m a Middle Eastern, Muslim female,” Shendy said. “Coming into law enforcement was quite a journey. Not the easiest one but not the hardest one.”

Shendy went to the police academy after graduating from Kent State.

“I value education and training, so I do have my bachelor’s and master’s [degree] in criminal justice prior to coming into law enforcement,” she said. “This job is my absolute passion. I tell every single person I meet that this is the best job on the planet, and everyday I’m truly thankful to be in uniform.”

Shendy said one of the projects her office will do includes getting together with agencies, of which there are nearly 1,000 law enforcement agencies in Ohio, to see how many jobs they need filled.

Her office will then put the job listings on the Ohio Office of Law Enforcement Recruitment website, which is something that does not currently exist.

“It makes the hiring and application process a lot harder for potential recruits,” she said. “We’re also having a mentorship program because having support while you’re going through that academy is extremely important, especially when it comes to women and minorities.”

There is also a police reform bill pending in the Ohio legislature.