CLINTONVILLE, Ohio (WCMH)–Credit the growing interest in urban farming with the need for a course on goat tending at the City Folks Farm Shop in Clintonville this weekend.

Annie Warmke, owner of Blue Rock Station farm, teaches Goat College.

“There is a lot of interest and it’s really growing – not just in the Columbus area but across the United States,” Warmke said.

Warmke says goats are the most widely kept animal in the world and says there are lots of reasons why urban and suburban dwellers should consider having a couple of goats.

“A goat will provide people with the opportunity to have fresh milk every day, really good, nutritious milk – make cottage cheese, yogurt, all things that people in Clintonville like to eat and pay a lot of money for,” Warmke said. “And they’d have the joy of taking care of that animal and seeing how life goes along and goats are just real terrific animals to have.”

The city of Columbus allows residents to have goats but requires a permit.

Warmke cautions people to get educated about what all is involved in keeping goats. She also recommends talking to your neighbors before bringing any goats home and make sure your property is secure.

“You better have good fences,” Warmke said. “I don’t care where you live, you’ve gotta have a good fence for a goat that keeps out the predators. In the city, dogs are huge predators for any kind of livestock especially for chickens but goats too.”

As of Friday there were still a few spaces open for Goat College. To register, go to