GAHANNA, Ohio (WCMH) — As the Gahanna-Jefferson teachers’ strike goes on, students have been asked to learn without the help of their normal instructors.

Teachers are standing their ground with support from some parents and students.

The longer the strike goes on, students like Malaika Shaffer might feel the effects on their education. 

“It’s been really, really frustrating,” Malaika Shaffer said. “I’ve been a lot more stressed.”

The Gahanna-Lincoln junior says since the strike began Tuesday morning, things have been difficult. Her schedule has been thrown off, but that is the least of her concerns.

“It’s hard to determine when it’s due and how they want you to do it,” Malaika Shaffer said. “It’s like you pretty much have to do it by yourself. I could be doing the work and finish it, but I still don’t know if I’m right or not.”

Right or wrong, she sits at a computer, reads the directions, and completes her assignments to the best of her ability with no feedback.

“So, this week I had to watch two videos and then do some math here,” Malaika Shaffer said. “Two body paragraphs due in English.”

Her mother, Siob Wolf Shaffer, doesn’t want her child to fall behind during a crucial year for her. 

“I can help her with that to a certain degree, but I’m not an English teacher and I’m not her English teacher who she has a really good relationship with,” Siob Shafer said.

The district has secured substitute teachers who will step in next week to assist students, something Malaika said will bring her stability.

“I hope most of the substitutes are patient,” she said.

The family said they’re not pointing fingers at which side is responsible for the strike. They just want both sides to agree before more damage is done to all students.