COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A funeral service for 18 year old Abdul Ali Artan was held Thursday afternoon at the Ibn Taymia Mosque and Islamic Center in Columbus.

Officials say Artan drove a car into a crowd of students at Ohio State University Monday morning and then got out of the car with a butcher knife and started cutting people. Moments later, a campus police officer shot and killed Artan.

Artan’s family has kept a low profile since the attack. They declined to comment at the funeral.

Ahmed Ahmen, Director of the Ibn Taymia Mosque and Islamic Center, says Artan’s family members say they saw no signs of Abdul becoming radicalized.

“I asked his mom yesterday, ‘did you see any change, any kind of change’ and  she said no, everything was normal, everything was the same,” Ahmed said. “His aunt said he had a dream  to be some big person, to be a doctor, to be somebody who would do something for his community.”

Columbus police and the FBI say they believe Artan may have been inspired by extremist propaganda but they have not found a direct link between Artan and any terrorist organizations.

In a social media post believed to have been the work of Artan and posted just hours before the attack, the writer says “I am sick and tired of my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters being killed everywhere.” It mentions specifically Muslims being killed in Burma and that led to a “boiling point, and I can’t take it anymore.”