The effects of Saturday’s quadruple murder on Hudson Street could be seen in a prayer vigil at an abandoned car wash parking lot Monday night.

Ya’Mya Wilson, 15, was mourning the loss of two family members. 

“I never would have believed in a million years this would happen,” she said.

Her father, Michael Ballour, and one of her sisters, Tyajah Nelson, were found dead in the house.

Wilson and her sister Armani Johnson stood outside with about 50 people who gathered Monday night.

“My dad is my best friend,” said Johnson. “My sister is my best friend. It should have never had to be like this.”

Johnson, a teenager herself, is a full two years older than the 16-year-old accused of being a killer and who has been arrested.

“Sixteen, my God.” said Celena Revels, who was a friend of Michael Ballour. “To have this happen, and lose these people the way that they were lost is a terrible, terrible, tragedy.”  

Johnson said the violence “has to stop.”

“They’re just my family,” Johnson said. “You shouldn’t do this to people’s family.”

Monday night, they prayed.

They prayed that something would change.

They prayed that these killings would stop.

 They prayed that they would someday stop gathering like this.

“I just want to get everybody together and see if we can stop the violence that’s going on in our neighborhood,” said Melanie Revels, who lives in the neighborhood.

Police have yet to give a possible motive other than robbery, and haven’t specified what may have been so valuable in this home that someone was willing to kill for.

Another suspect is still on the loose.

Meanwhile, as these people gathered on Hudson near Cleveland tonight pleading for an end to the insanity of the recent violence, Columbus police were holding a scene only six blocks away, less than one-half mile away.

Someone had been shot at this gas station and carryout and taken to a local hospital, and a gunman was on the loose.