Fox News Channel’s senior meteorologist Janice Dean was shocked when an internet troll said her legs are too big for TV. 

“Please stop allowing Fox to dress you in those short skirts,” the viewer named “JoAnn” posted on Facebook. “They are not flattering on you. Your legs are distracting every time you walk on screen.”

Dean, 47, says she usually ignores online bullies, but in this case, she felt compelled to write back. 

“It got my back up, if there is one way to put it,” she told Inside Edition. “Maybe because it touched a part of me that has always been insecure about a certain body part.” 

The note she penned in response to “JoAnn” has now gone viral. 

“Fox doesn’t dress me,” she wrote. “I dress myself. I’m sorry if you don’t like my legs. I’m grateful I have them to walk with.”

What the troll evidently didn’t know is that Dean suffers from multiple sclerosis. She says her size 10 body is a sign of her good health against the odds. 

“At any given time, I might not have the use of my legs, my big strong legs,” Dean told Inside Edition. “Why not embrace that and say I am proud of these legs?” 

The meteorologist says the bully “can always turn the channel if you’re offended by my huge legs.”


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