WESTERVILLE, Ohio (WCMH) — Former Buckeye and city council candidate Dimitrious Stanley has been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

In a post on his Facebook page, Stanley said he received the diagnosis about three weeks ago after months of doctors’ visits.

“Fellas don’t wait. It’s happening earlier for men. Especially black men,” his post starts. “I’ve debated whether I should put this out or not. I feel it’s my duty to share my story to help others.”

Stanley then goes on to describe his medical journey over the last five months, starting with a doctor’s visit to diagnose trouble urinating to his biopsy a few weeks ago.

The post, published Oct. 11, concludes with Stanley’s doctor at first saying he wasn’t a candidate for surgery, but then, following a second exam, saying Stanley could have the surgery.

“Sorry so long but i felt it was important to share this story.” the post concludes. “The quote is, ‘most men won’t die of prostate cancer, but every man will die with it.’ I’ve learned men as young as 35 now are getting the disease. It’s not a death sentence if you get on early enough. Go get checked. Stay on top of it. Love all of you. Please look out for my family… “

Stanley played for the Buckeyes from 1993-96 as both a wide receiver and running back. He went on to play for the Arena Football League and the Canadian Football league.

Stanley lost a bid for Columbus City Council in 2015.