Firefighters have contained many of the flames that destroyed a recycling company on the city’s south side, but crews will remain on the scene until Monday.

Investigators said six buildings were destroyed near 611 Marion Road Friday evening into Saturday, causing more than $8 million in damage.

Smoke conditions are still in effect for the surrounding area due to swirling winds and smoke. Nearby residents should continue to keep windows closed, although the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency said the air quality is OK.

Battalion Chief Tracy Smith said Columbus firefighters will remain on the scene for “likely a few more days” as some areas are still smoldering. Some areas, which would be dangerous for firefighters to reach, are being left to die down naturally according to Smith.

She said investigators have narrowed down the area of origin but do not have a cause or exact location as of Saturday evening.

Crews responded to the four-alarm fire at Columbus Pallet Recyclng Company at about 4 p.m. Friday. Although about 100 people worked in the warehouse, no one was reported injured. 

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Witnesses reported seeing smoke as far away as Lancaster, Washington Court House, Plain City and Chillicothe.