CINCINNATI, Ohio (WCMH)– The FBI field office in Cincinnati has released investigative findings into the Aug. 4, 2019, attack in Dayton, Ohio.

A key element according to the report, according to the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, was that the attacker had a fascination with mass violence and an inability to cope with converging personal factors. The report cites that there were mental health stressors and successive stabilizing anchor losses before the attack that were likely contributing factors for the attack.

FBI Investigative Points

  • More than 400 hours of video was reviewed from more than 950 cameras
  • 125 interviews from multiple states
  • Connor Betts acted alone
  • Guns, body armor, and 100-round magazine were purchased on the open market
  • Known associate, Ethan Kollie was arrested for illegally possessing certain firearms and lying on federal firearms transaction records. Now serving 32 months in prison since February 2020.

Another factor was “Bystander fatigue.” The term bystander fatigue is used by the FBI’s BAU to describe the passivity, inaction, or inattention to concerning behaviors observed by individuals who have a close, interpersonal relationship to a person of concern due to their prolonged exposure to the person’s erratic or otherwise troubling behavior over time.

In an article two days after the shooting, Bett’s family released a statement that they were “shocked and devastated” by the attacks. The shooter also killed his sister in the attack.

You can read the FBI’s complete information release here: