LAS VEGAS, NV (KLAS) – A Las Vegas family had to learn the hard way about not using fire to kill bees. Their strategy sent their home near Washington and Jones up in flames Wednesday.

The bees were living in a kitchen exhaust pipe that leads to the roof of the home.  Fire crews were able to clear the smoke before anyone got hurt.

The estimated damage to the home is $120,000.  On Thursday crews spent the day clearing out the mess.

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue says the family made a poor decision that is costing them big.  However, it’s not the first time something like this happens in the valley.

First responders say they’re getting ready for an influx of bee-related calls because as the temps heat up, the buzzing insects become more active.

Typically swarms of bees travel, so if you spot one, firefighters say leave it alone, and they’ll go way within a day or two.

Tim Szymanski with Las Vegas Fire and Rescue says when a beehive is found, “people — either their property is significantly destroyed or people end up in the hospital.  It has to be done by a professional that has the special equipment, and gear, and knows exactly what they’re doing.”

Local jurisdictions will take care of bee problems on public property.  Anything on private property has to be handled by the owner.

Exterminator fees can cost hundreds of dollars, but there are also some local beekeepers who will come out to your home and remove beehives.