LONDON OH (WCMH) – Two-year-old Shiann Lockhart has been fighting for her life since the day she was born. The London toddler was born with a heart defect on September 25, 2013.

“I didn’t have any issues with my pregnancy,” said Cora Lockhart, Shiann’s mother. “She was about 5 hours old and they took her back to the nursery to get her all cleaned up and do her tests. And she coded.”

Five weeks after, Shiann received a heart transplant. She was discharged from Nationwide Children’s Hospital 2 weeks later and lived a healthy life for more than year.

But viruses and a diagnosis of Infantile Spasm Epilepsy have plagued Shiann’s short life.

“She had really good summer last year. She started eating and was growing,” said Cora.

But in January, Shiann got really sick.

“We took her to the hospital and we thought it was normal viruses,” said Cora. “Turns out she got mono, which is the EVV virus. In transplant patients, if you don’t catch it soon enough, it turns into what’s known as PTLD (Post-transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorder) Lymphoma.”

The disease is rare, found in 2 percent of transplant patients. Cora and husband Troy agreed to chemotherapy, but Shiann almost died. So after a round and half, the family decided to quit.

“She has cancer in her brain as well as her whole body so we decided enough was enough. She has been through too much in her short little life to have to deal with any more,” said Cora. “So we made the decision to bring her home on hospice and let her live out the rest of her time here on earth happy and peaceful.”

Two days ago, Cora and her sister-in-law came up with the idea of creating a “bucket list” for Shiann. They set up a Facebook page for family and friends. Since then, the list has grown to almost 100 ideas.

“I think the two biggest things that we want to do is probably her prom because we are going to miss that,” said Cora. “And have her like a wedding, so daddy can walk her down the aisle.”

Troy Lockhart said they can’t waste time mourning their daughter. They want to cherish the time they have left.

“We just have to be happy,” said Troy. “We are proud of what we have. Our time has been short. We just have to be strong for her.”

The family has scheduled Shiann’s prom for June 25 at the West Jefferson Hurt-Battelle Memorial Library. It’s located at 270 Lilly Chapel Road in West Jefferson.What others are clicking on: