COLUMBUS (WMCH) — Every day, families across central Ohio are affected by the drug epidemic as opiate overdoses continue to claim lives. It’s a growing problem that local doctors are meeting head-on.

“Seeing high school kids coming for overdose is not an uncommon event,” says emergency medical physician, Ryan Squier MD “I can tell you every community in the Columbus area is affected by this and we have to do something, have to start talking about it.”

Dr. Squier knows the toll heroin and opiates are taking on the Columbus community, he sees it day in and day out.

“It is something that people will throw away their entire life for,” says Squire.

He wants to educate those who are most likely to try drugs before a full blown addiction starts and that’s high school kids.

Squier and others are educating both parents and students through an open conversation called ‘Protecting our Youth – Nix Opiates.’

“In regards to other things that we don’t talk about, you see abscesses which are infections underneath the skin. Sometimes requiring surgery we see what can be called compartment syndrome which results in sometimes loss of limbs.”

He says the conversation will get graphic, but it’s real and something parents need to hear.

“We have to make sure our kids are educated about the true dangers that are opiates.”

This important conversation will take place tomorrow at 7 Olentangy Orange High School.