HAZELTON, IA (KWWL) More than 70 deer were euthanized Tuesday at a Hazelton, Iowa deer farm.

Chronic wasting disease was detected in a dead deer at the farm back in December.

The disease can wipe out deer populations. It attacks the brain of the deer, causing it to act strangely and lose bodily function. There is no evidence that CWD can spread to humans, pets or domestic livestock.

It’s also tough to test for, the only way is by testing brain material of dead deer.

“There have been some cases of the disease in wild deer in Iowa, but we are certainly trying to limit that and not have it impact our deer population,” said Dustin Vande Hoef of the Iowa Department of Agriculture.

Vande Hoef says once the disease is found on a farm, the animals are quarantined until the owner reaches an agreement with the USDA. Then, crews go to the site and euthanize the animals.