BRYAN, OH (WCMH) – A man who has helped make more than 50 billion Dum Dums lollipops is celebrating his last day of work Friday.

The Spangler Candy Company shared a picture of Al Braun standing next to the Dum Dums production line earlier this week.

Since the post, millions of people on Instagram and Facebook have shared the picture and responded with “#thanksAl.”

“I’m making people happy because they can have a sucker. It’s just enjoyable to me,” Braun said. “I want everyone to be happy. A goal in my life is to touch other people’s lives and we’re touching other people because of the Dum Dums bringing them happiness and joy and just having a piece of candy.”

At work Friday, Braun was greeted with a reserved parking spot, a sign congratulating him on his retirement

Dum Dums have been made at the Spangler Candy Company’s Bryan, Ohio plant since 1953. Al has been working at the plant since 1969.

“I’ve had a sweet career here.  It’s been fun some days and some days not so fun but overall it’s a sweet career,” said Al.