LANCASTER, PA (WCMH) — A Pennsylvania man will spend at least one month in prison for giving beer to Amish teens before running them over in his car.

Thomas Candler Felts pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of DUI and furnishing alcohol to minors. He’ll spend between 30 days to 6 months in prison, the district attorney reports.

Police say Felts met the group of Amish boys at a store in Turkey Hill, Pennsylvania. Felts showed the teens his pistol and then gave them cans of Yuengling Lager beer. He drove off in his red Dodge car, and the teens left in their horse-drawn buggy.

A short time later, Felts sped past the buggy while yelling “Rumspringa” out the window. He then slammed on his brakes, causing a collision with the horse-drawn buggy.

Felts then asked the Amish group where his pistol was; they replied they didn’t know.

State troppers were later informed and arrested Felts. Testing showed his blood-alcohol levelw as .126 percent.READ MORE: Troopers clock minivan full of Amish teens going 110 mphWhat others are clicking on: