DUBLIN (WCMH) — Dublin City Schools announced it is moving its in-person graduation from May 24 to July 26.

Coffman will have its ceremony at 1:30, Jerome will have its ceremony at 4:30 and Scioto will have its ceremony at 7:30. All three schools will have their ceremony at the Schottenstein Center.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on our entire world,” Superintendent Todd Hoadley said. “In a normal school year, our seniors should be enjoying the last few months in Dublin City Schools with their friends and teachers.”

Hoadley added high school principals are continuing to work on creative ways to have recognition events virtually.

“We understand and empathize with all of our seniors and their parents regarding what has been lost: proms, spring sports, awards nights, and maybe most importantly, time in our schools with friends,” he said. “It is more than okay for our students to be disappointed, sad, and even angry about the experiences missed during this unprecedented pandemic that is taking place during the spring of their senior year.”

For those reasons, Hoadley is determined to hold an in-person graduation ceremony as long as it’s safe to do so in late July before outgoing seniors leave for college in August.

Hoadley also asked parents and students to save the date for Saturday, July 25 for possible additional senior activities that will be communicated at the building level.

“I would ask everyone to please continue to practice social distancing,” Hoadley said. “I know this is difficult, especially at this time for our seniors, but it is absolutely necessary to continue to flatten the curve of this virus. Thank you and thank you for your support of Dublin City Schools.”