COLUMBUS (WCMH) — During Governor Mike DeWine’s coronavirus press briefing Tuesday, DeWine expressed his support for the “On Our Sleeves” campaign led by Nationwide Children’s Hospital to bring awareness to children’s mental health.

One in five children are dealing with mental health, according to Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

“May is mental health awareness month. We know kids are going through extra stress right now: school disruptions, physical separation from friends, and in many cases family hardships,” DeWine said. “Many more kids may need our support. Nationwide Children’s Hospital is truly a gem that we have here in Ohio.”

“On Our Sleeves” has free educational tools and resources for families. You can learn more at

“Growing our gratitude is one of their programs. It’s a great way to impact our mental health,” DeWine said. “Maybe tonight you can start a conversation with your children about gratitude. You might ask them, ‘What are you grateful for?’ Sometimes that’s hard to answer. But in this time of so many challenges, it really presents us with a chance to connect.”