COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH)–Deputy Jason Meade was featured in a 2018 Youtube segment produced by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Some people call him dad, other call him pastor. Most recently, he is being called a killer because Meade shot and killed Casey Goodson Jr. last week while on duty.

Meade sat between the host and another deputy who is on the SWAT unit. The half hour video is designed to show the human side of the sheriff’s office employees and is called, “Connecting with the Community.”

Meade talked about what it was like becoming a parent and his calling to be a preacher.

At six minutes into the video, Meade talked about his kids telling their friends that he shoots bad guys for a living. Meade immediately said he told the kids, “That’s not what we do,” while shaking his hands.

Meade was deployed with the fabled Columbus Lima Company during 2005. That year he worked the entire year on deployment.

The host, Napoleon Bell, asked about what officers are going through and how specialized units are tight knit.

“In the moment when you’re on the job, it’s here and gone, but in life it stays with you,” said Meade. “Just because I get off work doesn’t mean my head still isn’t in that moment.”

Meade talked about being raised by a pastor when growing up in Kentucky. He accepted Christ early on in his life. When was deployed with the Marines in Israel, he felt his heart being tugged.

“I surrendered to the call and have been preaching ever since,” said Meade.

He connected his public service, parenting, and preaching as answering God’s calling.

“Everything I do on a daily basis is complemented by the word of God. My service to people,’ he said. “The greatest servant that we’ll ever know of in this world was Jesus.”

The death of Goodson is being investigated by the FBI and Columbus police, and results will be turned over to the Franklin County Prosecutor’s office for presentation to a grand jury to determine if charges will be filed.

According to Meade’s personnel file, he either met or was above expectations in a number of areas on several recent performance reviews. He has been a member of SWAT since 2014 and was placed on administrative leave in 2018. A spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office said he was one of several deputies who shot at an armed murder suspect in Pike County. That man died. A grand jury cleared all of the deputies of wrongdoing. Documents also show Meade was reprimanded for using his taser and not notifying a supervisor.