COLUMBUS (WCMH) — For the second time in less than 24 hours, people marched through downtown Columbus Saturday for Casey Goodson Jr.

Goodson was shot and killed last Friday by a Franklin County Sheriff’s deputy, a shooting now under local and federal investigation.

The wet and windy weather didn’t stop the rally, and while much of the crowd had dispersed by late Saturday afternoon, there were still a few people planning on carrying the message of justice for Goodson into the night.

Several speakers shared their thoughts and emotions about the death of the 23-year-old Columbus man last week at the hands of a law enforcement officer.

Goodson’s family claims he was carrying a Subway sandwich and keys when he was shot and killed, and not a gun, as law enforcement and the deputy’s attorneys have claimed.

Because of that, organizers handed out Subway sandwiches for the crowd to hold up and show the difference.

One of the speakers before the march was Goodson’s mother, Tamala Payne, who reminded the crowd why they were there and made a plea for peace.

“We riot?,” she said. “They blow it up and say, ‘Oh, look at the ignorance.’ If we march in unity, we march in peace, we chant the names of our loved ones who have been taken from us senselessly by these so-called cops who are really cowards, then we will get the justice that we seek, so I’m asking you all, please, let’s do this in peace.”

There were no reports of arrests related to Saturday’s march.