BELLBROOK, Ohio (WCMH) — Not many of the people living on Brookshire Drive knew the Betts family very well, but there was one young lady who went to school with the Betts and remembers Megan Betts fondly.

“I haven’t talked to her very much in recent years, because we’ve just been on different paths, but while I knew her, she was a very good friend,” said Dana Raber, who said she attended high school with the Betts. “She was one of the only close Winter Guard friends I have, and she was so nice and funny and she was strange and I loved her and I really, really miss her.”

Raber was one of the few people that knew much about the Betts family in their neighborhood.

Most neighbors were aware they lived in the area, but said they didn’t know them personally.

Raber said she has fond memories of Megan and her family.

“I always thought she was very pretty, and admirable; that’s why I wanted to be friends with her, she’s very funny,” Raber said. “And, I always loved the parents and like, I never knew Connor very well, but he seemed like a part of the family I guess.”