DAYTON (WCMH) — One day after a mass shooting in Dayton that left nine dead and at least 27 injured, the Oregon district of Dayton is trying to heal.

A place where people come to gather and hang out has now turned into a memorial.

People have come from all over the city to pay their respects to the nine victims of Sunday morning’s shooting.

One man in the district Monday said he saw the shooting, adding it’s a visual that will be with him forever.

“Just pay my respects, pay my respects to these people,” the man said holding back tears. “The families and everybody.”

The man, who asked not to be identified, said he was in the midst of Sunday’s shooting, in his car with his girlfriend, when the shots started.

“She’s traumatized today,” he said. “I’m picking up, but she is traumatized today. The whole city is traumatized.”

Two of the nine victims were Lois Oglesby, a 27-year-old nursing student and mother of two daughters; and Thomas McNichols, a 25-year-old father of four.

“They were just innocent people trying to have a good time, minding their business,” said Annette Gibson-Strong, a friend of both Oglesby and McNichols.

She came out to the growing memorial outside Ned Pepper’s Bar to pay respects to her two friends and the other seven victims.

“They were just normal, regular people, just regular, normal people,” Gibson-Strong said.

Across the street, bullet holes were visible in nearby businesses, including one in the window at Gem City Tattoo Shop.

Owner James Collins said his employees are still recovering from what they saw.

“I’ve talked to several people that were dealing with the people laying in the street and watched some of them pass,” Collins said.

The people who live in Dayton and those who frequent the district said they will recover because they are “Dayton strong.”