DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Officials from the City of Dayton provided an update Monday morning on the investigation and the conditions of the victims who are still hospitalized.

Dayton Police Chief Richard Biehl says that the investigation has determined that 41 shell casings were recovered from the suspect, while 65 were recovered by the Dayton Police, including 48 45-caliber shell casings, 16 .223-caliber shell casings, and one shotgun shell casing.

The suspect had potentially 250 rounds of ammunition on him, according to Biehl. That number was determined by the number of bullets found in magazine and loose rounds recovered along the suspect’s path and loose rounds in a backpack, all recovered by Dayton Police in the investigation.

Biehl also said that victims were hospitalized for a number of injuries. Of those injured, 14 had gunshot wounds. Autopsies are still being conducted on the nine deceased, a process that will take some time, Chief Biehl said.

There is no determination how the guns got to the scene, however Chief Biehl said a shotgun was recovered in the suspect’s trunk. As for motive, Chief Biehl said there is not enough evidence to determine that race is a motive for the shooting.

Dayton Fire Chief Jeffrey Payne also provided an update on the Dayton Fire Department’s response to the shooting, saying that the first dispatch the the scene was made at 1:07 am with one fire truck and one medic. Once arriving, the situation was upgraded to a mass casualty incident, calling more medics and crews to the scene.

Many of the victims were self-transported to local hospitals, while Dayton Fire and EMS transported five people to the hospital. Once arriving, the Dayton Fire and EMS set up command units on scene, providing treatment on scene before transporting to local hospitals in order to not overwhelm hospitals.

Chief Payne said that 37 total patients were in hospitals with injuries ranging from gunshot wounds, being trampled, and other injuries. Of those who were transported to hospitals, 11 remain hospitalized as of 9 am on Monday.

The Dayton Foundation says it has been approached by multiple companies, businesses, and individuals wanting to donate and help out the victims of the shooting. To donate to the Dayton Oregon District Tragedy Fund, click HERE.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said that while the Oregon District is open, many businesses are locally-owned and are normally closed on Sundays and Mondays. However, some of the Oregon District businesses are opening Monday due to the shooting.

Mayor Whaley also said she talked to President Donald Trump at around 6 pm Sunday night. Earlier Monday, Whaley said that Trump planned on visiting the Miami Valley, however no other information has been given on that visit.