COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) – Dale Jackson never thought he would support legalizing marijuana. He says he’s actually never seen marijuana before until he realized cannabis oil was the medical solution to help ease some of his autistic son’s pain.

Dale Jackson’s 7-year-old son Colin is severely autistic and completely non verbal. Jackson is fighting for Georgia House Bill 7-22 in hopes that medical cannabis oil will help his son.

“Cannibas oil is not potentially going to cure my son of autism but it’s one more thing that I as a parent want to do to try to improve his life,” says Dale Jackson.

State Representative Allen Peake filed the bill Wednesday. The bill would allow for Jackson’s son Colin to use cannabis oil along with hundreds of thousands Georgians suffering from PTSD, cancer, and others. It allows between two and six medical cannabis manufacturers to be licensed by the state and serve people with certain medical conditions registered with the state. As the current state law stands, only a few hundred can use medical marijuana, but they have to buy it in another state. In essence forcing desperate parents to break the law transporting from state lines.

“With the bill that eventually passed last year – it’s just a notch above worthless.” Added Dale Jackson.

More than a hundred legislators support this bill. Jackson plans to keep visiting the Capitol as much as it takes to get his opponents to realize cannabis oil is desperately needed for those struggling just like Colin.

They fought out bill last year. They’re fighting our bill this year because they are fearful that one day down the road it may lead to full recreational use.