If you could have one super power, what would it be? Some would like to fly, others the ability to teleport or read minds. For U.S. curler Tyler George, his super power would probably be super sweeping. 

George has already made the Olympics, proving he’s the type of hero most of us can only dream of becoming. And now that he’s in PyeongChang, he’s channeling his inner superhero on the ice. For the third day in a row, George has shown off his impressive sock game on Twitter before Team U.S.A. hits the ice for their game.

The first pair it was Superman, whose super speed and strength would probably turn curling brooms to dust.

The second pair was Deadpool, who may not have any skills pertaining to curling, but is still awesome.
And Sunday night, George debuted a third pair – Captain America. The perfect way to channel a win for Team USA.
We’ll see if George’s socks can help him and the rest of Team USA channel their own curling super powers. They’ll take on Canada Sunday night at 12:05 a.m. EST