SOUTH BLOOMFIELD, Ohio (WCMH) — Getting pulled over by the police can be nerve-racking for motorists. Typically, these encounters can be avoided by driving the speed limit or under, making sure all of the equipment associated with the vehicle and/or trailer are working properly, and by not being distracted by your phone, radio, and/or passengers.

Typically, in Pickaway County, getting pulled over by a sheriff’s deputy will get you ticketed, or if there are drugs in your car, arrested.

Deputy Ryan Howard works overnights along U. S. 23. Serving the public is his passion, and interacting with the drivers is part of the job. You need to understand, however, he says all he wants to accomplish is getting home to his family.

“I love you, too,” Howard said on a video call with his two-year-old son before his shift began on a Tuesday night.

Howard takes keeping the community safe seriously. He grew up in Pickaway County and is raising his family here also. Mothers Against Drunk Driving honored Howard in December 2019 for his work in arresting drunk drivers.

Deputy Ryan Howard
(Photo by Tony Mirones) Pickaway County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Howard writes a traffic citation

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