A Franklin County judge sentenced Brian Golsby to an additional 66 years in prison on Tuesday morning.

Golsby, who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison last month for the kidnapping, rape and murder of Ohio State student Reagan Tokes, was also facing six aggravated robbery charges. The charges stemmed from incidents in early 2017, most of which took place in German Village.

Tuesday’s hearing surrounded those aggravated robbery charges. The prosecution and defense agreed to a sentencing recommendation of 60 years in prison in exchange for Golsby’s guilty pleas. That would have been slightly less than the maximum sentence, which would mean no automatic appeal.

One of Golsby’s victims spoke in court, and a victim advocate read a statement from another.

In the end, the judge chose to disregard the sentencing recommendation and sentenced Golsby to the maximum of eleven years per count, for a total of 66 additional years in prison. He reiterated that Golsby is already serving life sentences and won’t be getting out of prison.

Prosecutor Ron O’Brien said all of this was just a formality because Golsby is already serving life sentences. Still, he said it was important to his office to go through the formalities and represent the victims who were robbed.