COLUMBUS (WCMH) — A Columbus police officer is being called a hero tonight after stepping in to comfort a little girl after her mother overdosed on heroin in a McDonald’s parking lot.

Officer Christopher O’Neall is an eight-year veteran with Columbus police. Fellow officers are now calling him a hero. He says he was just doing his job.

“She was in a real bad place then and she didn’t have anybody. She saw a badge and she came towards it,” said O’Neall.

A Happy Meal and a smile can make everything better. Well at least for Columbus police officer Christopher O’Neall who is now known as the “McDonald’s Hero” after viral photo made its rounds on social media.

“We put some funny glasses on and tried to make it a little better for her,” said the officer.

The officer bought the eight year old girl a happy meal and sat with her after her mother overdosed on heroin in this McDonald’s parking lot.

The Manager at the McDonald’s called police after the little girl told them her mother had passed out.

McDonald’s released this statement to NBC4 saying in part:

We are glad that our employees acted so quickly to help this girl and her family. They did the right things to respond to a sad situation.

O’Neall is a father of two. He said at that moment he was just thinking about being a parent.

He says he’s not the hero here, but the little

“She did real good by going inside and getting help from mom.  She saved her mother’s life,” said O’Neall.