COLUMBUS (WCMH) — The Columbus Division of Police has charged one of its officers with paying for sex.

Officer Randall Mayhew is charged with three counts of prostitution, three counts of soliciting and one count of dereliction of duty, according to Columbus Police Sgt. Richard Weiner. The Columbus City Attorneys office confirmed Thursday that the charges had been filed.

On Friday, NBC4 obtained the court filings in the case.

The court documents indicate Mayhew paid for sexual acts on three occasions, with three different women during the latter part of 2015 and early 2016.

All of the alleged incidents occurred while Mayhew was reportedly on duty.

In one case, investigators accused Mayhew of running a background check on one of them women, noting she had two outstanding warrants and failing to arrest her.

The court documents indicate GPS data from Mayhew’s cruiser tracked him to the locations where the alleged sexual acts occurred.

Mayhew, 45, has been with the department for 17 years, according to CPD.

When police became aware of these allegations last year, Mayhew was relieved of duty on the street and placed on desk duty.

Nancy Collins, 30, is one of the three women who is accusing Mayhew of paying for sex. She told NBC4 she and Mayhew had a total of four sexual encounters after they became friendly in 2015.

“He pulled up on me talking about what am I doing out here, is there any guys out here beating us up, and like, he cared about us,” Nancy Collins said.

She said their relationship soon escalated from flirting to sex.

“He’s like, ‘Get in.’ I’m like, ‘Get in?’ So I got in the back of his cruiser. We went somewhere and parked and we had sex. And then he reaches money through the cage,” she said.

Nancy Collins maintains she never asked him for the money.

“I just thought he really liked me, at first,” she said.

Mayhew’s defense attorney, Mark Collins, said his client is innocent.

“It’s a situation in which he’s an outstanding officer, he’s worked on the West Side for a long time, and [we] look forward to our day in court,” Mark Collins said.

He told NBC4 it’s been a difficult process for the 17-year veteran of the Columbus Division of Police.

“To be the subject of news stories and things like that as an accused when your job is to protect and serve is always a difficult situation,” Mark Collins said.

He confirmed there were negotiations prior to the charges being filed and said that is common when police officers or teachers could be charged. However, he said that “ultimately, [Mayhew] didn’t want to plead to something he didn’t do.”

Nancy Collins said she felt coerced and taken advantage of because Mayhew was a police officer and she had outstanding warrants.

“It’s like being with a famous person,” she said. “You never think somebody like me would be with somebody famous. so it was weird in like that kind of weird, you know what I’m saying, with a police officer.”

She said she hasn’t spoken to Mayhew since last year, when she was busted for prostitution.

Mark Collins, Mayhew’s attorney, said he and his client plan to go to court March 23 for Mayhew’s arraignment and enter a not guilty plea. He said they are prepared to go to trial and that they are not worried about what the GPS data shows.

“We believe that that helps us,” he said. “He had interaction with many, many people and individuals, but the fact that his cruiser GPS says he’s at a specific date and time, he’s on duty, he’s working, he’s doing that stuff. So I’m not worried about that at all.”

Janie Ingram, a family friend who has lived in the same neighborhood as the Mayhew family for 17 years, said Thursday she didn’t believe he was guilty.

“Stunned, shocked,” Ingram said. “There’s nothing in me that believes he would do this.”

Mayhew lost his son to a rare disease in 2015, and Ingram said the family had been through a lot.

“He’s got a lot on his shoulders with losing his son and taking care of three children,” Ingram said. “There’s a lot on his shoulders, but he’s always-he’s a great neighbor.”

Ingram said she hoped to see the charges resolved soon.

NBC4 stopped by Mayhew’s house to try to speak with him about the charges, but no one answered the door.