COLUMBUS (WCMH)– COTA workers pooled their money to buy 14-year-old Osman Mayo a brand new bike after his was destroyed in a crash while it was on the rack of a bus.

According to COTA, Mayo was riding a bus March 9, when a vehicle pulled in front of the bus causing a crash.

Mayo’s bike was on the front rack at the time of the crash and was damaged beyond repair.

The other vehicle fled the scene, so no claim could be filed to replace Mayo’s bike.

COTA employees who responded to the scene noticed Mayo was visibly upset because he had just received the bike last Christmas from The Buckeye Ranch.

Mayo lives 30 minutes from the nearest bus stop and uses his bicycle as his main mode of transportation to the stop, as well as the library and to his chess club.

After seeing how upset Mayo was, COTA employees collected money and bought him a brand new bicycle, lights/reflectors, and a lock.

“We saw a need, and couldn’t sit back and not do something,” said Jimmy Pugh, COTA Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor. “We all came together with a plan to buy him a new bike.”

Mayo received his new bike from the employees March 18 at the COTA Fields Operations Facility.What others are clicking on: