COLUMBUS (WCMH) — Columbus City School teachers say they have no-confidence in the Columbus City School Board.

Tuesday night, the Columbus Education Association, the union representing Columbus City School teachers, voted unanimously no-confidence in the School Board. Members are upset after approving a new contract that the union said should do more for teachers.

The CEA said teachers feel dis-respected and unappreciated by the Columbus City School Board. Under the new contract teachers will get a small raise this year and next, but the union said it’s not enough.

 “It was like a slap in the face for all the work that they do,” said CEA President Tracey Johnson. “It was a very tense meeting. The members were very upset and very disappointed and rightfully so.”

Tuesday, more than 2,000 teachers packed Cardinal Hall at the state fairgrounds to vote on a new contract. More than half voted to accept the offer that gives teachers a 1.5% raise this year and a 1% raise the next. Johnson said teachers reluctantly approved the deal.

“This is one of the lowest acceptance rates that we have seen in years,” she said. “When you feel disrespected and you don’t feel valued you do have sometimes an anger response to that.”

At the meeting, union members unanimously voted no-confidence in the School Board. The district wouldn’t comment about the no-confidence vote, saying any reaction would come from members of the School Board at a later time.

The district did release a statement about the contract saying in part, “This agreement will allow both sides to place full attention on what matters most in our district: serving and empowering our nearly 52,000 students, their families, and this community.”

Johnson said teachers agree the kids are what matters most.

“They want to really get back to doing the work and focusing on the students.”

The new contract is a two-year deal.