COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – The Columbus Symphony says it’s expanding the Mindful Music Moments sponsorship to include all Central Ohio preschools and Columbus City Schools.

The program allows students to begin each day by listening to four minutes of recorded classical music with the objectives of learning about music and techniques to reduce stress.

“Our new strategic plan calls for us to double the number of children we reach in the next three years, and the expansion of this program is just one facet of our commitment to serve the community as a leading music education resource in Central Ohio,” executive director Denise Rehg said. “We love this program. Our children live in a complicated and sometimes confusing world. We believe that Mindful Music Moments helps create a space and opportunity for them to pause and think about important issues and will enhance their well-being through the process.”

The group also renewed its previous sponsorships with schools participating in the program.

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