COLUMBUS (WCMH) — What Columbus Police Officer Keith Kise did to earn his Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery seems like something out of a movie – except, if it didn’t go as planned, there wasn’t another take.

“It happened pretty fast,” Kise recalls of the January 2015 shootout that helped end the gang known as the Short North Posse. “There wasn’t much time to think about it.”

When a trio of officers came under machine gun fire, one of them had his gun jam. Kise jumped in his place and helped hold a ballistic shield in the middle of the dangerous action. He was armed with only a service revolver. Once the gunfire stopped, Officer Kise went upstairs and assured an 8-year-old child the scene was safe and got him out of the house.

“When the rest of us run away from danger, police officers like Officer Kise run for the danger,” Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown says.

Brown and fellow Ohio Senator Rob Portman presented the award to Kise, who was joined by his wife and two daughters.

Kise has been with the Columbus Police Department for 22 years.