COLUMBUS (WCMH)–Columbus police officer Bobby Schoolcraft is on desk duty at police headquarters pending the outcome of the criminal case against him for solicitation and prostitution.

The charges, filed Tuesday in Franklin County Municipal Court, allege that Schoolcraft recklessly solicited and engaged in sexual activity with a woman who has a history of prostitution and drug abuse.

Both charges are first-degree misdemeanors.

Schoolcraft was one of three west side patrol officers recently relieved of duty after they became the subjects of separate criminal investigations. For Schoolcraft, charges have now been filed. The other two investigations are continuing.

It is not clear whether Schoolcraft was on or off duty at the time of the alleged crime.

The woman complained to police about being solicited by an officer in early December. Sources say Schoolcraft later identified himself as the officer in question.

Schoolcraft’s name surfaced in a police-involved shooting in 2013 at a motel on the far west side. Police said a man charged at them with his hands in his waistband. Schoolcraft shot the man. An internal investigation conclude in 2014 that the shooting was justified and followed procedure.

Schoolcraft is scheduled for an arraignment Wednesday morning. tHe charges are both first degree misdemeanors and carry maximum penalties of six months in jail.