COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) — Police Chief Tom Quinlan and Mayor Andrew Ginther released statements Thursday about body-camera footage that has been released related to the fatal shooting of Andre’ Hill by Officer Adam Coy on Dec. 22.

Footage has been released from Coy and Officer Amy Detweiler in addition to several others who responded to the scene after the shooting. Coy was terminated from the force this week, partly for not activating his body camera until after the shooting, and in his statement, Quinlan said the remaining officers are being investigated to make sure they followed police protocol.

Chief Tom Quinlan

My initial reaction to the videos released today was anger and deep disappointment. And I know it is horrifying to everyone who looks at it.  One of the core values of the Columbus Division of Police is compassion.  And the body-worn camera video released today shows little evidence of that.

Let me repeat what I said last week: Andre Hill should be alive today. A Columbus Police Officer is responsible for his death. I cannot defend it. I cannot make it right.

But I will do what is in my power.

Adam Coy is the man who fired the shots that took Andre Hill’s life, and he is no longer a Columbus Police Officer.  His violations of policy and standards were so clear-cut and so egregious- his termination could not wait.  He now faces an independent criminal investigation by the state, and the U.S. Department of Justice. 

There were many other officers who responded to the scene.  None of them used deadly force.  But as seen in these videos- few of them rendered first aid to Mr. Hill as they waited for a medic. We are investigating, to get to the bottom of who upheld the policies and standards of the Columbus Division of Police, and who did not.  Because of the large number of officers at the scene, the large amount of video to examine, the many interviews that have to be done- I do not yet have those answers for you.  But I give you my word- I will.  You will have the answers you demand and deserve. 

And we are not waiting for those answers to take action.  Last week, I imposed tighter, tougher policies for all Columbus Police Officers when it comes to use of their body-worn cameras, and their duty to render first aid. 

As a police chief, and just as a human being, the events of the last week have left me shaken, and heartbroken for the family of Andre Hill.  Every man and woman who wears this badge should feel the same. I will not tolerate a repeat of these failures.  And where officers failed, they will be held accountable. 

Once again, I ask you to join me in praying for Andre Hill, and the comfort of those who loved him.

Chief Tom Quinlan, Columbus Division of Police

Mayor Andrew Ginther

Like most who have watched the additional body-worn camera footage from the shooting of Andre Hill and the time following, I am horrified by the time that passed before any officer provided aid to Mr. Hill. Our officers are trained to provide potentially life-saving care, and at the very least, comfort in these situations. One of the Division of Police’s core values is compassion. None of this was evident in the video released today. I have directed Chief Quinlan to investigate the events of Dec. 22 completely and thoroughly, and to hold all officers who failed to uphold Division standards accountable. This video is also being shared with BCI who continues to conduct the criminal investigation into the shooting death of Mr. Hill. The family and the community deserves answers.

Mayor Andrew Ginther, City of Columbus